Our history

Our History

We began as a social experiment in 2013 in which our founders started doing spontaneous acts of kindness on the streets of Barcelona. After a few weeks, one of us received a good deed by a stranger who told him about "a group of people who were doing favors in and around Barcelona." We discovered then that our experiment had led to a chain of good deeds around Barcelona.

This prompted us to create a system that would let us know the stories created by different chains. Each participant of a chain could then trace and know what happened before, and after his or her act. To do this we created the Social Coin: coins that have a unique code to track this path. The Social Coins are biodegradable and have a seed inside them, so that they can be planted by the last person in the chain. They are passed from hand to hand and people who are part of the chain can see all of the stories and Acts of Kindness connected by Coin.

After performing good deeds for strangers for a while, we began to receive calls from companies that wanted to use our Coins to make an impact on society through the actions of their employees. Since then we have managed to create a wave of good deeds with the small selfless actions of people like you, who we like to call 'everyday heroes.’ People who understand that in order to change the world, we don’t need to perform a great feat. We just be kind to the environment, to our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and to the people we meet in our daily lives.